Mike Stog | Washington DC  Photographer & Director

Washington DC advertising & editorial photographer Mike Stog has made it his life’s goal to be as creative as possible. As a location-based photographer and filmmaker Stog finds his canvas’ all over the world. Specializing in on-location shoots all over the world to local and regional assignments, Stog’s intrigue is peaked with one-off locations, people, and textures. 

“I love that once one really understands how light works, one can practically create a beautiful picture, story or image anywhere in the world- from ones simple corporate office, to the top of the Colorado sand dunes to across the globe—it’s really an amazing thing to think about,” said Stog.

With a flair for engaging the environment wherever he stands and looking for stories to share- Stog finds himself working on assignments all over the world. Various assignments include fortune 500 companies, non-profits to select clients and agencies including the USA Olympic Bobsled/Skeleton Team, Chevrolet, GMC, United State Air Force, Nemetcheck North America, HGTV Canada, S.A.F.E (NFL Security), Trex Co., Kennametal and various governmental agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security.

Mike Stog is an avid traveler. Born in Nairobi Africa, now residing in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. “I guess it was ingrained in me since the day I was born- but I have always had an inkling for being in bazaar locations and the constant itch for travel. The only difference nowadays is that I get to bring my camera and team along” said Stog.

With a heart for humanitarian efforts, Stog has taken on several projects for various non-profits including his forth-coming book and project entitled The “What Makes You Human Project.

“As a advertising and portrait photographer, I think one of the reasons I became an enthusiast in the first place is because I found such an enormous level of fulfillment within the process of capturing ones face. The textures, expressions and the stories that exist behind ones face really captivates me like no other. I remember when I first started I would walk around the various cities that I happened to be in and with a light or two- I would ask random strangers if I could photograph them in return for my giving them a copy. It was such a great introduction into how to interact with people, expect the unexpected and really be solution focused from the get-go" said Stog.

Mike is founder and producer of DesignWorks Visual Media, a boutique video and photo production team based in Washington DC. 

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